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Our patients are 3-dimensional, & the problems we deal with on a daily basis require us to engage with them that way. To date though, the majority of teaching material has focused on these concepts in just 2-dimensions. A concept that should be straightforward to understand, commit to memory & ultimately utilise for the benefit of our patients, all of a sudden isn’t.
We're changing that.

Multiple choice (MCQ) testing system - IVALA 3D content

Equine hindlimb stay apparatus

We've just added the equine HINDlimb stay apparatus to our 3D library, INCLUDING a walkthrough to guide you through the key structures involved AND an interactive animation that demonstrates the normal locking mechanism of the stifle. Be enlightened. :)

Equine forelimb stay apparatus

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Anatomical terms for limb movement - new 3D scene in Language of Anatomy

Confused about the different anatomical terms used for limb movement, such as flexion and supination? We've added a new scene to our Language of Anatomy 3D module, as well as a walkthrough where Dr Augusto Coppi will take you through the essentials. Enjoy

Using a touchpad to view our content? You'll want to watch this...

The Language of Anatomy - new 3D content

Bones of major equine joints - new 3D content

Small mammals skulls new 3D content

Feline skull new 3D anatomy content