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“I really appreciate all that your team do, as it has helped my friends and I to comprehend anatomy in a way we couldn't before.”

Hilton - Veterinary student, University of Queensland               


“Firstly congratulations I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IVALA Learn. As a dyslexic student I find dissections, anatomy etc very difficult as I cannot take 2D textbook images to a real 3D model and this is very helpful as I can always orientate myself. I particularly like the feature where you can hide muscles or just isolate one muscle this is so so useful! It has really boosted my confidence and give me so much motivation lately and I cannot thank you and the team enough for that.”

Alice - Veterinary student, Royal Veterinary College, UK        


“The site is fantastic, using the content I learn more in 15 minutes than I do in an hour of dissection.”

Lewis - Veterinary Student, UK                                                   


“It's such a great tool! Very useful for my first year anatomy endeavours”

Sarah - Veterinary Student, University of Cornell                    


“Thank you, it looks amazing so far! I got my bachelor's and master's at Colorado State University, so I have worked with the Virtual Canine Anatomy as a resouce for a few years now, and already I'm floored by this”

Channing - Veterinary Student, University of Minnesota                        


“I love this tool and have just preordered my copy. I want to spread the preorder link to my classmates, but I just wanted to confirm two things" 

Robert - Veterinary Student, University of Cornell                             


“Personally it really helps to learn the anatomy. Your 3D pictures are more clear than the textbooks”

Zhen - Veterinary Student, University of Minnesota                        


“I really like the site, and is so much easier to use than anatomy books. it's just so nice to have an anatomy resource better than the medics for once ”

Lily - Veterinary Student, University of Cambridge                        


“The site definitely makes everything easier to visualise and understand... I have recommended to my course mates!”

Naomi -Veterinary Student, University of Liverpool                            


“I am completely impressed with your program. It is so awesome!!!”

Hanna - Veterinary Student, University of Vienna                               


“Overall impression of the site is great! All of the features I have used so far have worked properly and have been very useful"

Chloe - Veterinary Student, Royal Veterinary College                       


“I'm loving the site so far! Had a test on the muscles of the thoracic limb this week and passed with an A :)”

                Rachel - Veterinary Student, University of Veterinary Medicine, Košice             


“Being a clinical student I would like to add this is an excellent service that I wish was around sooner”

Harry - Veterinary Student, University of Nottingham                       


“Everything you guys put out is brilliant. I'm sure it will be very helpful!”

Barbara - Veterinary Student, University of Cornell                              


“The site is absolutely brilliant”

Imogen - Veterinary Student, University of Liverpool                          


“I'm really happy with the content on the site... It's such a useful resource... and definitely better than looking at 2D images!”

Joanne - Veterinary Student, Royal Veterinary College, UK               


“The site is brilliant, so far everything is working, I'm using it for my 2nd year exams at uni and it is so helpful.”

Rachel - Veterinary Student, Royal Veterinary College, UK                


“The website is a god send! In regards to content it’s amazing! ...you’ve saved my ass in terms of anatomy!”

Charles - Veterinary Student, RVC, UK                                                


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