Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

Ivala learn is an online educational resource for anyone with an interest in veterinary medicine. We're using the latest in visualisation and learning technologies to bring you interactive, realtime content that is both beautiful and engaging. We want to provide you with a more effective learning experience and ultimately help create better, more confident clinicians.


Our patients are 3-dimensional, and the problems we deal with on a daily basis as a practitioner require us to engage with them that way. Like which way you need to derotate a stomach during a GDV; or the neuroanatomy that might be diseased given an abnormal cranial nerve reflex; or which way we need to tilt our ultrasound probe to give us a better view of the left adrenal. To date however, the overwhelming majority of teaching material has focused on these concepts in just 2-dimensions. A concept that should be straightforward to understand, commit to memory & ultimately utilise for the benefit of our patients, all of a sudden isn’t. We’re on a mission to change that.


Our 3D content is based around webGL, a technology that allows you to interact with 3-dimensional graphics right within your web browser. We hope that this will provide you with a more intuitive, engaging way to learn about so many of the modalities that will or already affect you on a daily basis.


We're a small team of veterinarians, developers, 3D artists and consultants.

What's 'beta' and why are you in it?

We're currently in what's known as the 'beta-testing' phase.  This means that for now we're working with just a small number of users whilst we test that everything's working properly. For this reason we're closed to new signups. However we're regularly bringing on new users as the site grows and whilst in beta all subscriptions are offered at a heavily discounted price. If you'd like to get involved in the next release, please register your interest. You can read more about what's involved in being a beta-user here.

Do I need anything special to view the 3D content?

No. The content should run directly within your web-browser without the need to download or install anything. You can try a WebGL test here.

Will it work on my computer?

We've worked hard to make sure that any relatively modern computer can run the content. You ought to get the best performance using either Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome web browsers and we recommend you try those if you're having problems viewing it. If you're having problems please check out our support wiki or contact us.

Can I use the site on my tablet or mobile?

Our focus right now is on getting the site working well for desktop users. There's nothing stopping you from accessing the content from a tablet or mobile device, however we're not currently designing with mobile browser use in mind and we do not currently expect our 3D content to load on tablet and mobile devices.


I want to subscribe, how can I  do this?

Right now signups are by invitation only whilst we work to make sure that we can deliver you a great experience. If you're keen to get access to the content, don't mind putting up with some glitches and would like to help us grow, please register your interest and we'll be sure to notify you when we're opening up the next round of access. As a thank you access at this time is heavily discounted.

I'd like to use your work in a commercial context, can I do this?

Sure! Please contact us with more details and we'll work something out.

Do you have any institutional or corporate backing or affiliation?

This site has been developed privately and independently of any institution.

Where can I learn more?

Please drop us an email with any other questions you might have and we'll get right back to you.