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I fully and strongly recommend IVALA for its excellence and accuracy of anatomical details, which enrich the students’ experience inside and outside the dissection rooms in Vet schools around the world. I am a Veterinarian, Veterinary Anatomist and fellow of the World Association of Veterinary A… See more

Dr Augusto Coppi

Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

Augusto Coppi headshot

Finally, after many attempts around the globe, IVALA Learn is delivering a comprehensive and accurate set of veterinary anatomy learning tools in a mature on-line environment which meets the digital performance/quality expectations of millennials.

Prof. Peter Davie

BSc(Hons), PGDipEd (adult) PhD Professor of Comparative Anatomy

Prof. Peter Davie

The 3D interactive images are extremely helpful and, a great complementary material for osteology and cadaver-dissections labs!

Dr J. Claudio Gutierrez

DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology


I do highlight the big educational potential of IVALA materials to complement hands-on learning. The realism, accuracy and quality of the digitized models facilitates a real self-learning experience. It is a highly recommendable learning tool.

Professor Octavio Lopez Albors

Professor of Veterinary Gross Anatomy & Embryology, DVM PhD Veterinary Faculty, University of Murcia

octavio albors profile

...I am very thankful because you helped me with my lectures, and my students are very grateful. They were so excited about the software, and they sent me email just after online lectures I had on Thursday to thank me for showing them IVALA and for my effort to give them the best education I could.… See more

Dr. Amina Bećirević

DVM, Assistant Professor University of Sarajevo

Amina Becirevic.png

Teaching using 3D images helps my students appreciate the arrangement of structures in relation to each other and also they are better able to interpret a structure's function when they see it positioned accurately with computed images. IVALA Learn is an ideal application for this approach.

Peter Delisser

BVSc(Hons) Cert SAS DipECVS

Peter Delisser headshot



Associate Professor - University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore-Pakistan


I thought it was really brilliant! Thank you.


Professor - University of Pretoria

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-15 105630.png

I like the cards! great topics


Veterinary Student - University of Pennsylvania

Perfect! Very helpful and interactive.


Veterinary Student

I have been impressed with the addition of IVALA to my online veterinary technician anatomy course. The program is straightforward to use, and the models are excellent. Every semester when I review the course evaluations, IVALA is a highlight of my anatomy course...the students really enjoy it and … See more

Mollie Fox

San Juan College

Equine head section
Learners testimonials

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“Going through the surgery step by step with the 3D anatomy tool..... (shaking head) I am blown away at how much less complicated the procedure seems when it can be visualized and I can go through it …” See more

Margaret, Veterinarian

“Thank you, it looks amazing so far! I got my bachelor's and master's at Colorado State University, so I have worked with the Virtual Canine Anatomy as a resource for a few years now, and already I'm …” See more

Channing, Veterinary Student

“I'm studying veterinary medicine and was searching 3D Projects of bones as I am a very bad 2D learner. I need to see it from different perspectives and rotate it to really understand how it is build …” See more

Gioia, Veterinary Student - Switzerland

“I would just like to express how impressed I am with the software; the quality, user-friendly interface and the accuracy. As a veterinary student I often struggled to imagine how certain structures f…” See more

Michelle, Veterinary student - The University of Veterinary Medicine, Slovakia

“I am very happy with the website, it was a great help in studying for my anatomy test!”

Laura, Veterinary student - Utrecht, NL

“The website is a god send! In regards to content it’s amazing! ...you’ve saved my ass in terms of anatomy!”

Charles, Veterinary Student - RVC, UK

“The site is brilliant, so far everything is working, I'm using it for my 2nd year exams at uni and it is so helpful.”

Rachel, Veterinary Student - Royal Veterinary College, UK

“I'm really happy with the content on the site... It's such a useful resource... and definitely better than looking at 2D images!”

Joanne, Veterinary Student - Royal Veterinary College, UK

“The site is absolutely brilliant.”

Imogen, Veterinary Student - University of Liverpool

“Everything you guys put out is brilliant. I'm sure it will be very helpful!”

Barbara, Veterinary Student - University of Cornell

“Being a clinical student I would like to add this is an excellent service that I wish was around sooner.”

Harry, Veterinary Student - University of Nottingham

“I'm loving the site so far! Had a test on the muscles of the thoracic limb this week and passed with an A :)”

Rachel, Veterinary Student - University of Veterinary Medicine, Košice

“Overall impression of the site is great! All of the features I have used so far have worked properly and have been very useful.”

Chloe, Veterinary Student - Royal Veterinary College

“I am completely impressed with your program. It is so awesome.”

Hanna, Veterinary Student - University of Vienna

“The site definitely makes everything easier to visualise and understand... I have recommended to my course mates!”

Naomi, Veterinary Student - University of Liverpool

“I really like the site, and is so much easier to use than anatomy books. it's just so nice to have an anatomy resource better than the medics for once.”

Lily, Veterinary Student - University of Cambridge

“Personally it really helps to learn the anatomy. Your 3D pictures are more clear than the textbooks.”

Zhen, Veterinary Student - University of Minnesota

“I love this tool and have just preordered my copy. I want to spread the pre-order link to my classmates, but I just wanted to confirm two things.”

Robert, Veterinary Student - University of Cornell

“It's such a great tool! Very useful for my first year anatomy endeavours.”

Sarah, Veterinary Student - University of Cornell

“...definitely is the best way of learning anatomy aside the real thing!!!”

Danielle, Veterinary student - Bulgaria

“The site is fantastic, using the content I learn more in 15 minutes than I do in an hour of dissection.”

Lewis, Veterinary Student - UK

“Firstly congratulations I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IVALA Learn. As a dyslexic student I find dissections, anatomy etc very difficult as I cannot take 2D textbook images to a real 3D model and this is ver…” See more

Alice, Veterinary student - Royal Veterinary College, UK

“I really appreciate all that your team do, as it has helped my friends and I to comprehend anatomy in a way we couldn't before.”

Hilton, Veterinary student - University of Queensland

“I think the 3D anatomy tool is absolutely amazing! And I've already recommended this to my Japanese veterinary school colleagues and they think the same.”

Kaori, Veterinary student - Tokyo

“I navigated through all of the 3D courses and they are splendid.”

Raluca, Veterinary student - Bucharest, Romania

“Excellent refresher of key concepts, loved it!”

Leigh, Veterinary Student - Colorado State University

“Really enjoyed this quiz! Very informative! These revision card packs are a great idea!”

Brogan, Veterinary Student - University of Surrey

“This was great! The terms and definitions were all very helpful - I really like the visual questions for identification too!”

Emily, Veterinary Student - Virginia Tech

“Very much enjoying the flashcards! Great that you have so many pictures, really great practice”

Brogan, Veterinary Student - University of Surrey

“It was very useful and easy to use! I like the fact that the answers are just behind the question.”

Alice, Veterinary Student - VetAgro Sup, France

“This set is nice and informative. It was very fun and interesting thing to do. Nice additional links for further reading.”

Weronika, Veterinary Student - University of Agriculture in Krakow

“The platform is great and most of the questions are very interesting and can be answered from veterinary students as well, not only by veterinarians!!”

Themistoklis, Veterinary Student - AUTh, Greece

“Good! These are excellent questions. Thank you!”

Bernadette, Veterinary Student - Long Island University

“Great! really happy with these flashcard courses, thank you”

Iina-Lotta, Veterinary Student - University of Liverpool

“Very helpful! These cards are really helping me revise for my finals!”

Matthew, Veterinary Student - University of Pretoria

“these are super helpful”

Rebecca, Veterinary Student - University of Pennsylvania

“Good so far!”

Michael, Veterinary Student - University of Guelph

“Great review”

Paloma, Veterinary Student - Ross University

“Thanks for creating this software. We're still having to do our anatomy and physiology labs virtually because of COVID so it has been amazingly helpful for me to learn the bones and muscle groups fo…” See more

Anna, Veterinary Technician Student

“absolutely awesome! a great study resource”

Ieesha, Veterinary Student - James Cook University, Australia

“Very helpful, good range of questions.”

Adrianna, Veterinary Student - University of Saskatchewan, Canada

“...would also like to grab this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the whole team. The 3D Models have been (always will be) a literal life saver with my Anatomy subjects. So thank you to the whole…” See more

Lyndon, Veterinary Student - Central Mindanao University, Philippines

“This is really cool!”

Joseph, Veterinary Student - Mississippi State University

“So far, so good! Interesting mix of questions.”

Sean, Veterinary Student - University College Dublin

“I personally really liked your content, I am a student and I will continue to use your amazing platform through VIN :). Overall, this is a very helpful tool for a vet student!”

Claudia, Veterinary Student - University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Romania

“Very interesting and exciting”

Ndumiso, Veterinary Student - University of Pretoria

“So far so good! This is very helpful and I'm glad you have these now.”

Soraya, Veterinary Student - Western University

“Very enjoyable and good revision for my exams.”

Hannah, Veterinary Student - University of Nottingham

“These questions are definitely helpful!”

Tin Hang, Veterinary Student - City University of Hong Kong

“Great questions! These were awesome (urinalysis) and got me reviewing my crystals and differentials for different urine sediment presentations!!! :D :D :D Please make more flashcards for more topics…” See more

Meredith, Veterinary Student - University of Guelph

“These cards have been very good! I would love to have more of them!”

Laura, Veterinary Student - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

“loving these thank you!”

Dr. Luke, VIN Member

“So far so good. Enjoying the visuals and information attached.”

Alejandro, Veterinary Student - Colorado State University

“very interesting!”

Sophie, Veterinary Student - University of Gent

“Good revision, thanks!”

Georgina, Veterinary Student - Charles Sturt University

“Really good!”

Holly, Veterinary Student - University of Nottingham

“Love this! Perfect review for my first exam :)”

Sophia, Veterinary Student - Free University of Berlin

“really good job and so useful to check our learning!”

Héloïse, Veterinary Student - University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest

“I like it very much”

Marília, Veterinary Student - Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

“Great work guys!”

Mona, Veterinary Student - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University

“Fantastic, I loved it.”

Ahmed, Veterinary Student - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I love it! It was really good!”

Maria, Veterinary Student - University of Utrecht

“Good interactive learning method”

Coco, Veterinary Student - University Putra Malaysia


Charlene, Veterinary Student - University of the West Indies

“These are a great study tool!”

Nevada, Veterinary Student - University of Sydney

“Love it! It is a good basic refresher (I am a second year just now learning this material) I love examples, so the more pictures the better”

Brandon, Veterinary Student - NC State University

“Great! These are great supplement to my toxicology course.”

Amy, Veterinary Student - Western University

“Love them! I'm a second year student taking Clinical Pathology and these are so so helpful! Thank you so much!!”

Lauren, Veterinary Student - Cornell University

“You guys are the best! I'm loving the new flashcards!”

Charbel, Veterinary Student - Lebanese University

“Amazing!! I am 2nd year UF student about to take our neuro final this week and these cases are reviewing all of the core concepts we went over. So helpful with putting what Ive learned into practice …” See more

Taelor, Veterinary Student - University of Florida

“I am enjoying the flashcards and I am happy to have learned about a few things I've never seen before.”

Madison, Veterinary Student - Washington State University

“I am very happy that you are facilitating these flashcards. Very helpful, thank you!”

Annika, Veterinary Student - Utrecht University

“This is a great resource and I'm really enjoying seeing actual presentations instead of what the textbook says should happen!”

Tamara, Veterinarian

“Great, thank you! Looking forward to working my way through the other flashcards. It is really helpful to be able to see what the signs we are learning about from lectures and textbooks actually look…” See more

Alisha, Veterinary Student - University of Liverpool

“There are lots of information that I haven't been taught at school yet so this is good for expanding my knowledge. ;)”

Punyisa, Veterinary student - Faculty of Agriculture Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand

“Great cases! Concise descriptions. No pressure if we get things wrong or have no clue. Nice confidence builder for neuro.”

Jeremy, VIN Member

“These flashcards are amazing revision resources!!”

Sigourney, Veterinary Student - University of Surrey

“Love these flashcards!”

Ellen, Veterinary Student - University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Very useful and easy to use! Love it so far!”

Irene, Veterinary Student - Universidad de Zaragoza

“Good, it help me to have an idea of what the real test could be!”

Camila, Veterinary student - Universidad de Chile

“This software is invaluable for my studies and I know some of my fellow students find it really helpful too.”

Jo, Student

“great for reviewing the important!”

Joana, Veterinary Student - Universidade de Évora

“A very useful tool for students and also for the older practitioners who benefit from refreshing their knowledge.”

Calum Maclean, BVM&S MRCVS


Sophie, Veterinary Student - University of Ghent

“Great! I'm really enjoying them!”

Zoe, Veterinary Student - Charles Sturt University

“These are great! I find that they are helping a lot.”

Martin, Veterinary Student - Mississippi State University

“Really amazing!”

Cheyenne, Veterinary Student - University of Surrey

“:) Grateful to have this set of flashcards.”

Oleg, Veterinary Student - University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Incredibly helpful, thank you.”

Valerie, Veterinary Student - Long Island University

“Great; very helpful and clear, pointed questions”

Tiffany, University of Guelph

“Very good :)”

Katarina, Veterinary Student - Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich


Ibrahim, Veterinary Student - University of Istanbul

“I love these flash cards and more than that the link that they come with.”

Matin, Veterinarian

“This is fantastic, I have only just found this resource! Have an anatomy exam in two days (first-year vet, wish me luck!)”

Megan, Veterinary Student

“Loving the videos!”

Adrianna, Veterinary Student - University of Saskatchewan

“It really helps me to form a clear picture of anatomy, especially since the dissection lessons have been cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic (at least, here in the Netherlands, they are cancelled)…” See more

Annika, Veterinary Student - Utrecht University

“So good!! So helpful and saves me from making resources to revise.”

Sigrid, Veterinary Student - James Cook University

“Excellent. Very informative.”

Mark, Veterinarian

“Love VIN. The 3D anatomy model is a life saver. Flashcards are great and the multiple choice questions all help me learn anatomy. Fantastic resource. I don’t know what I’d do without it”

Tannicka, Veterinary student - University of Saskatchewan

“Good! helping me study for an exam on friday :)”

Hannah, Veterinary student - Washington State University

“The flashcards are great!”

Katherine, Veterinarian

“Pretty awesome!”

Thomas, Veterinarian

“This is great review!”

Cody, Veterinary student - Oklahoma State University

“It is a very nice study set that allows me to see the gaps in my study, however daunting that may be.”

Alesha, Veterinary student- James Cook University

“love the questions! Great way for keeping up with active recall of important anatomical aspects of the body”

Adrianna, Veterinary Students - University of Saskatchewan

“Great concept for brushing up on anatomy - would've been great for vet college days back in the 90s!”

Kristine, Veterinarian

“I was enjoying the cards and learning a lot. It was really a great refresher and the first time I have used the flashcards. Thanks!”

Michael, Veterinarian

“It was brilliant! Super refresher course.”

Olivia, Veterinary Student - University of Melbourne


Dana, Veterinary Student - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“These are amazing”

Caileigh, Veterinary Student - University of Calgary

“I really like these, they remind me of test questions that my actual faculty would write!”

Amy, Veterinary student - Western University

“Great , I love the flashcards”

Keli, Veterinarian

“This was so helpful, got to apply my knowledge”

Sabelisiwe, Veterinarian

“I like it! It's simple and step by step.”

Mischa, Veterinary Student - Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

“Great refresher/summary. Thanks”

Jane, Veterinarian

“It was really useful! Thank you :)”

Laura, Veterinarian - Intern

“great exercise!!!”

Camila, Veterinary Student - Universidad Autónoma de Baja Califórnia

“I absolutely adored them.”

Maria, Veterinary Student - Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar - Sigarra

“this is perfect for my needs”

Stephanie, Veterinary Student - Royal Veterinary College

“It's showing my areas of weakness! 10/10 for quality! provide more resources like this!”

Jasleen, Veterinary Student - University of Bristol

“These are a mixture of clinically relevant and "oh my gosh I used to have that memorized I'm glad someone else knows that". I'm enjoying it!”

Melissa, Veterinarian

“It's awesome!! thank you!”

Anneke, Veterinary student - Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Mexico

“Wonderful, I learned a lot!”

Alexandra, Veterinarian

“very informative and easy to keep up!”

Ashlee, Veterinarian

“Very informative! Thank you for this content.”

Bruna, Veterinary Student - Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense (UENF) - Brazil

“Very user-friendly!”

Karina, Veterinary Student - Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

“I love that each case is talked through and explained.”

Rachael, Veterinary Student - Auburn University

“Love this!”

Alexis, Veterinary Student - Massey University

“Very good! Such nice clear images. Appreciate the hard work obviously put into these”

Hailey, Veterinary Student - Auburn University

“Really enjoyed it. Learned a lot. Excellent way of sharpening up my avian anatomy”

Mark, Veternarian

“Great course. Thanks!”

Selena, Veterinarian

“Helped me figure out the topics I need to focus on. Liked it!”

Vani, VIN Member

“It’s been a pleasant surprise so far. It was informative and educative. It was fun too.”

Ifeoluwa, Veterinary Student - University of Ibadan

“Good study session!”

Danielle, Veterinary Student - Oregon State University

“It helps me to recall what I've previously learned in a better way. I find the quizzes very helpful to lighten up the stress rather than just reading!”

Amalia, Veterinary Student - Universiti Putra Malaysia

“The best veterinary flashcard resource! Not written by students and a good mix of pictures and written cards.”

Laila, University of Liverpool

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